Where Does the Air Conditioner Filter Go?

Your air conditioning filter may be located in several places. The filter is located somewhere in the air stream of your AC unit. Your filter may be located on the unit itself, or it may be located under a return register grill. If you have no idea where your air conditioning filter is located, you take a few different directions.

Check the Central Air Return Register

For many systems, the filter is located just under the inlet grill at the central air return. Find a large square or rectangular vent where the air is being pulled in. Unlatch the grill and look inside. Many central air systems will have the air conditioning filter located just inside the central air return. The central air return may be located on a wall, in the ceiling or even in a stairwell. Check your hallway ceilings, as this is a common location for the central air return. Be sure to check each room for an inlet air return. It is possible that filters are required at each air return.

However, if you open the central air return and no filter is inside, the filter is likely located at the air handler unit. In many Snellville GA home s, the AC filter is located at the central air return register.

Check Near the Air Handler

Many AC units will have the AC filter holder mounted near the air handler, just before the blower. Check the air handler where the air is flowing into the system. On horizontal mounted air handlers, air flows into the system at one end, and then flows out of the system at the other end. Vertical mounted units generally will have air flowing in at the bottom of the unit, and flowing out at the top. However, down-flow vertical systems have the air intake at the top, and disperse the conditioned air out of the bottom. The AC filter is generally located between the return air plenum and the air handler.

You may be able to identify a slot where the air conditioning filter is inserted near the return air plenum on the unit. The slot will likely be covered by a removable cover and will hopefully have an AC filter already installed.

Look Up Your Brand, Model and Serial Number

One approach you can take is to look on the unit itself and find the brand, model and serial number for your system. Perform a Google search and obtain the owner's manual or find the answer to your question in the Frequently Asked Questions for the model.

Preventative AC Maintenance Tune-Up

Finally, a great approach for locating your AC filter is to have an Aire Central HVAC professional perform an AC maintenance check on your system and point out the location of your AC filter. The HVAC technician will perform a maintenance tune-up for your system to ensure that your system is running efficiently. In addition, the technical will answer any questions you may have about the frequency of changing your filter, the size of filter your system requires or any other questions you may have.

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