Heating & Cooling Services in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Most people do not give much thought to their Heating and Cooling system. However, when it is no longer working properly, they tend to pay attention. Keep reading to learn it is time to call for professional Heating & Cooling Services and why calling an local Lawrenceville HVAC Contractor, like Aire Central, can be beneficial.

Basic Maintenance for HVAC Systems

Put simply, it is best to call professionals for Heating & Cooling repairs when dealing with an HVAC system. After all, when it comes to furnaces, it is more about the diagnosis than just fixing the issue. Also, without proper knowledge of what to do or how to do it, an HVAC system can be quite dangerous. If someone tries DIY repairs, they may wind up violating their warranty or the homeowner’s insurance policy that they have purchased.

While there are some situations when DIY repairs are viable, if someone is not sure how to do something, then the best thing they can do is to call the pros. Keep reading to learn more about the basic type of HVAC maintenance to invest in and why it can be so invaluable for a system.

Changing the Filter

All HVAC systems, from heat pumps to oil-fired boilers, have some type of filter. Ensuring these remain clean and clear is a smart way to help ensure the air in the house is clear and clean. After all, there is no point in recirculating all the dust and dirt in the air.

Also, with this type of basic HVAC system repair, it is possible for a homeowner to reduce their total energy costs. If a filter becomes dirty or clogged, it will take more energy for the system to circulate the air and, as a result, heat or cool the house. According to the Department of Energy, it has been predicted that a filter that is clogged can increase utility costs by as much as 15%. During the winter, this translates to some hefty bills.

Calibrating the Thermostat

Before reaching out to the HVAC repair professionals to deal with a house that will not get cool or warm, be sure that the thermostat has been calibrated properly. Sometimes, these thermostats can become “out of whack,” so it is a good idea before calling for service.

To check this, a homeowner can purchase a cheap thermometer and see if the temperature shown on this matches what is showing on the thermostat. If it does not, then it is possible to reset the thermostat based on the instructions provided by the HVAC manufacturer. If this does not work, then the professionals should be called for service.

Lubricate the Blower

If someone has a furnace with a blower motor, a smart way to be sure that a person has heat all winter is to take it completely apart and add the right type of lubricant to the blower motor. Believe it or not, this is much easier than it may sound. All a person has to do to handle this is to turn everything off and make sure to double-check that it is off. At this point, the motor can be removed, and the caps clean. The next step is to lubricate all the bearings and then reassemble the blower motor.

Annual Maintenance

Just like maintenance is needed to prevent excessive repair costs for an HVAC system, it is also necessary to have the system inspected each year. This is going to ensure that professionals can catch issues before they develop into more serious problems. For example, there may be build-up deep in the home’s furnace, that when unchecked, will cause more wear and tear on the motor, which will result in it burning out much faster. The professionals can come to the home and clean out the motor, which makes its job easier and helps to increase its lifespan.

The AC Will Not Start

Sometimes, all this may require is resetting, and checking the coordinating circuit breakers. However, if this is not effective, it will be necessary to call the professionals. If it is not clear what is going on or what is wrong, professionals will be needed. Sometimes, it may be something simple; however, it may be a burned-out compressor. This is going to require quite a bit of technical expertise to repair. When it comes to a damaged or malfunctioning HVAC system, there are several maintenance tasks that are going to help ensure the system is restored to proper function. In most cases, calling professionals for help is best.


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