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Heating & Cooling Services in Smoke Rise, Georgia

The HVAC system is an essential part of any home. This is especially true for areas that experience weather extremes. Making sure that a homeowner has a well-operating Heating and Cooling system is essential to make sure that everyone in the house remains comfortable, regardless of what the weather is doing outside. However, there are some situations when an HVAC system malfunctions, and when professional Heating and Cooling services are needed. To someone who does not know much about these machines, this is a problem that can create quite a bit of anxiety. It is hard to imagine a huge HVAC system repair bill coming in the mail. While this is true, many of the most common HVAC system repairs are actually more affordable when they are handled by a professional HVAC Contractor. The key is to catch the issues early and call for Heating & Cooling repairs right away. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common signs that repairs are needed here.

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No Cool Air

If someone notices that their unit is not producing any cool air, it is quite annoying. In fact, it can be dangerous if the temperatures outdoors are extremely high or extremely low. There are a few reasons that a home may not be getting any cooled or heated air. One of the reasons may be that the fan is not operating properly. Another possibility is that the Freon levels are much lower than normal. Another possibility is that the compressor for the unit has failed.

The House is Dustier Than Usual

If there is more dust than there was the day before, a homeowner may wonder what is going on. This may be a sign that the HVAC system has become dirty. If dirt builds up in the unit, it will start to spew those particles into the house. The good news is that this is a repair that is fairly easy to handle. From time to time, a homeowner should schedule professional cleaning services. However, there is a need to be cautious. If a homeowner fails to have their unit cleaned regularly, it may experience a rather expensive breakdown. This is why scheduling cleaning services every six months is such a smart move.

The Unit Turns Off and On Constantly

If the HVAC system turns off and on regularly, then it is a sign of a problem with the thermostat. When someone calls the professionals for HVAC system repair, the technician can check the thermostat, along with any other components that may be at-fault. In some situations, the thermostat will have to be replaced. However, in other cases, it is possible to clean the evaporator unit, fan, or condenser unit to achieve the desired results.

Water Is Leaking Around the Unit

If there is water around the HVAC system, it may be an indication of one or more issues. For example, there could be an issue with the drain tube or condenser unit. Another problem, and one that is potentially more serious, is that the HVAC unit is leaking refrigerant. Remember, if the refrigerant is leaking, it may lead to health issues. As a result, a homeowner needs to call for service right away to ensure the problem is handled and that it does not get worse.

Strange Sounds Coming from the Unit

This is one of the most common complaints that our Smoke Rise, GA HVAC technicians hear. If someone hears a funny sound, regardless of if it is a scratching, squeaking, grinding, or rattling sound, it can be dangerous and cause a lot of anxiety. The first thought that may enter a homeowner’s mind is that they are facing a huge repair bill or having to replace their entire system. The good news is that not all noises that are heard will result in a total overhaul of the system. In some cases, all that may be needed is to replace a motor part or belt. In some situations, all that is needed is some routine maintenance.

The most important thing a homeowner should remember is that they should not wait to hire the pros. The heating and cooling professionals will be able to help take the right steps and ensure the right repairs are made to restore the HVAC system to proper, working condition. Also, the faster a homeowner acts and the sooner they call for service, the more money they will be able to save. Knowing the signs of a problem is the best way to ensure that the desired results are achieved when it comes to HVAC system issues.


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